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AGFACE: Adapting dryland crop systems to future climates

Principal findings from the AGFACE program’s last six years of research.

Fruit trees and winter chill

Why do fruit trees need dormancy and what happens to when winter isn't cold enough?

Sheep on paddock
How do we achieve a 'sustainably intensified' food production system?

Challenges facing the meat, dairy, horticulture and grains industries in the effort to 'sustainably intensify' by 2050.

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The Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre (PICCC) is a collaborative venture between the University of Melbourne and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries Victoria.

PICCC combines the resources and activities of its partners to lead research, development and education related to climate change and the primary industries. Read more.

Featured research

Fruit tree adaptation

Increasing the Australian fruit tree industry’s preparedness for climate change.

Nitrous oxide vegetable site

Reducing nitrous oxide emissions

New research on using inhibitors to mitigate emissions from dairy, horticulture and crops.


Evaluating abatement strategies

Assessing emissions abatement and carbon sequestration strategies for the dairy, sheep and beef industries.