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What are the innovations and technologies needed for the sustainable intensification of agriculture in south-east Australia?

Dairy cows grazing
Using inhibitors to reduce dairy emissions

Field trials suggest nitrous oxide emissions from dairy cow dung are about 70% lower than previously thought.

AGFACE workshop participants
Future directions for elevated carbon dioxide research

Workshop identifies priorities and knowledge gaps in elevated carbon dioxide research for the cropping industries.


The Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre (PICCC) is a collaborative venture between the University of Melbourne and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries Victoria.

PICCC combines the resources and activities of its partners to lead research, development and education related to climate change and the primary industries. Read more.

Featured research

Methane abatement strategies

Enteric methane reduction

Feeding novel supplements to reduce emissions from beef, sheep and dairy systems.

Nitrous oxide vegetable site

Reducing nitrous oxide emissions

New research on using inhibitors to mitigate emissions from dairy, horticulture and crops.


Evaluating abatement strategies

Assessing emissions abatement and carbon sequestration strategies for the dairy, sheep and beef industries.