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University of Melbourne

Researchers from the University of Melbourne are actively engaged in meeting the challenge of a changing climate through various faculties and an array of initiatives. PICCC is hosted by the Melbourne School of Land and Environment, but is formally linked with the University’s Science and Engineering faculties. 

PICCC is also closely linked to and co-located with the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI), the Greenhouse in Agriculture program and the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research (VCCCAR).

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Projects collaborating

Projects funded

Themesort descending Project Project Status
Carbon farming training for extension providers in the Extension and Outreach program Active
Barley yellow dwarf virus under elevated carbon dioxide Active
Livestock methane research cluster Archived
Enteric methane abatement strategies for ruminant production systems in south eastern Australia Archived
Technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing offset options for the beef and dairy industries Active
Enteric methane mitigation strategies through manipulation of feeding systems for ruminant production in southern Australia Archived
Improving nitrous oxide abatement in high rainfall cropping systems Archived
Are nitrification inhibitors an economical choice to reduce nitrous oxide emissions under real farm scenarios? Active
Decreasing nitrous oxide emissions in high rainfall legume / wheat cropping systems Archived
The potential of inhibitors for the mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions from animal production systems in south-eastern Australia Archived
Enhanced efficiency fertilisers as mitigation tools for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from intensive agricultural systems in Australia Archived
Wheat trait response to elevated carbon dioxide Active
Crop traits for productivity in a high carbon dioxide world under drought and heat Active
Crossing the threshold: adaptation tipping points for Australian fruit trees Archived
Southern slopes climate change adaptation research partnership (SCARP) Archived
Australian Grains Free Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment (AGFACE) Active
Mitigation and Adaptation for the Australian Dairy Industry Archived
Whole farm systems analysis of greenhouse gas abatement options for the southern Australian grazing industries Archived
Adaptation in the southern livestock industries: whole farm systems analysis of climate change impacts on the southern grazing industries Archived

Affiliated Participants

Helale Bahrami
Associate Professor Brian Leury
Associate Professor Stefan Arndt
Dr Margaret Ayre
Professor Snow Barlow
Associate Professor Ruth Beilin
Matthew Bell
Professor Deli Chen
Dr Brendan Cullen
Dr Rebecca Darbyshire
Natalie Doran-Browne
Associate Professor Colin Duffield
Dr Robert Faggian
Nimesha Fernando
Dr Benedikt Fest
Associate Professor Rebecca Ford
Dr Sigfredo Fuentes
Pablo Salvador Alvarez Hess
Alireza Houshmandfar
Professor Rod Keenan
Shu Kee ‘Raymond’ Lam
Associate Professor Brian Leury
Rui Liu
Markus Low
Allene Macabuhay
Associate Professor Bill Malcolm
Professor Iven Mareels
Rachelle Meyer
Associate Professor Graham Moore
Associate Professor Ruth Nettle
Shahnaj Parvin
Sabine Tausz-Posch
Professor Rick Roush
Dr Doug Rowell
Dr Andrew Smith
Humaira Sultana
Dr Helen Suter
Osmin Torres
Debra Turner
Shihab Uddin
Rebecca van der Geer
Dr Tony Weatherley
Marianne Weisser
Dr David Wilson