Extension training

Extension training


The University of Melbourne is supporting the delivery of carbon farming training and development services for extension providers engaged under the Carbon Farming Futures Extension and Outreach Program.

This is a training program for extension and outreach professionals in the agricultural sector to enable them to deliver nationally consistent services, and technical, regional- and industry-relevant information to farmers, land managers and their key influencers on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, sequestering carbon in the landscape and participating in the Carbon Farming Initiative.

Project outline

The first phase of the project delivered the a Carbon Farming Extension Providers Portal, providing access to a collection of tools and information about land-based emissions reduction, carbon sequestration and the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI). At the end of the first phase of the project, this information was moved to the My Carbon Farming web site. 

The second phase of the project has delivered four webinars and support for a face‐to‐face training event. Webinar topics and presenters were chosen based on topical issues relevant to extension and outreach in the agricultural sector, including COP21 and the Paris Agreement, European Union agricultural policy changes, and climate as a driver of agribusiness relocation.

The face-to-face meeting brought together around 60 extension and outreach professionals, alongside around 25 other professionals from the agricultural sector. The two-day program provided an outline of activities underway via the Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund, as well as an update on results and outcomes of the extension and outreach projects.

A final face-to-face event for the Extension and Outreach Program will be held in Sydney in November 2016, and a further four webinars will be delivered prior to project completion in June 2017, when the Government’s Extension and Outreach program concludes.

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