PICCC publications

PICCC publications

The PICCC publications resource collection includes the PICCC annual report, and other resources about PICCC. To view publications specific to PICCC research, visit the Fact sheets and Videos and webinars resource collections.

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PICCC Popular Articles

A listing of popular articles published by PICCC research in various media

  • Climate change – plants and animals don’t lie - Republished from the Victorian Landcare Magazine, Winter 2017 Issue 69
  • How climate change threatens to make our bread less tasty - by Glenn FitzGerald in The Conversation (March 2, 2017)
  • Severe heatwaves show the need to adapt livestock management for climate - by Elisabeth Vogel, Christin Meyer & Richard Eckard in The Conversation (February 28, 2017)
  • With Australia’s variable climate, farmer’s must be proactive – Dr Ann-Maree Graham, Professor Richard Eckard, and Professor Snow Barlow in Landcare in Focus (May 2017)

Appetite for Change

Researchers from the University of Melbourne and DEDJTR have published for the first time a comprehensive study of how global warming will affect the foods, PICCC researchers collated the latest research on the impact of climate change on specific foods in this report available for download from the PICCC web site.  

Planet to Plate cookbook

Planet to Plate: The Earth Hour Cookbook is a collection of 52 amazing recipes from Australia’s biggest culinary names, interwoven with information on how global warming is already affecting produce we enjoy everyday. PICCC and MSSI worked with Earth Hour Australia to identify the impact global warming is having on key farming regions across Australia and on different foods grown by the country’s farmers.